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The following questions and answers are provided for informational purposes. Romano's cannot be held responsible for the rapidly changing rules and regulations of vehicle title and registration in the 50 United States and/or the varied title and registration situations that may occur and have not been mentioned below. 

Question:Does my vehicle require emissions testing at this time?

Answer: Find out now by using the Illinois Air Team's vehicle eligibility tool:  ​

Question: Does my vehicle need to pass emissions (EPA) testing before I can renew my license sticker?

Answer: If your vehicle is currently due for emissions testing, you will need to have it tested before the sticker can be renewed. **If your vehicle has failed emissions testing, you may be eligible for a license plate sticker extension. Please contact us for more information.

Question: Everyone at Romano's works hard to make my time in the office easy and fast. What can I do to be prepared and help make things go faster when I come in to do my vehicle transactions?

Answer: There are a few things that you can do to be most prepared when you arrive.

  • ​​Bring your current Illinois Driver's License.
  • Bring proof of your current Illinois address if it does not appear on your Illinois Driver's License. This includes things such as a Utility Billing Statement, Bank or Credit Card Statement, FOID Card, Medical Billing Statement, etc...
  • Bring the current mileage odometer reading for the vehicle(s) you are titling.
  • Our preferred forms of payment are debit and cash. However, if you prefer to pay by check, make sure to bring at least 3 checks along.
  • If you have not visited our office before for the vehicle license plate sticker you are renewing, make sure to bring the current Illinois license plate number and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • If a lien holder for the previous owner appears on the title to the vehicle you have purchased and are wanting to title and register, make sure that the lien has either been released on the title itself by a representative of the lien holder (typically a bank or financial institution), or that a separate lien release letter has been attached to the title.
  • If you have purchased a vehicle from a dealership (even a small dealer), you will need to bring a Bill of Sale in order for your Illinois Sales tax to be calculated when you apply for title and plates.

Question: I just moved to Illinois. My vehicle was titled and registered in the state I lived in before. How do I get it titled and registered in Illinois?

Answer: The paperwork for this situation can vary depending on the state the vehicle was registered and titled in most recently, and whether or not you have a lien holder.

Owner-Held States-- Several states at this time are referred to as Owner-Held States. This means that whether or not there is a lien, the owner (you), not the lien holder holds the title. As of June 30th, 2018 the list of these states includes Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.  This means that in order to title and register the vehicle in Illinois, you will need to bring the original title to our office with you.

Lien Holder Held States-- If the state your vehicle was titled and registered in most recently is not an Owner-Held state, and the Lien Holder possesses the title, you can register and title the vehicle in Illinois without the original title. You will need to bring other specific paperwork instead, including:

  • The Retail Installment Contract (also known as the Loan Agreement/Contract that was signed at the time the vehicle was purchased)
    • ​Does not need to be the original document
    • A copy can typically be obtained from the selling dealership and/or the bank or financial institution who holds the lien on your vehicle (aka, the Lien Holder) if you do not have a copy of this document in your possession.
  • The Most Recently Issued Registration Card
    • If you do not have the most recently issued Registration Card and you are unable to obtain a copy from the state you moved from, you can typically submit instead:
      • A copy of the most recently issued Title
      • A copy of the Bill of Sale (a Bill of Sale is not the same document as the Retail Installment Contract mentioned above)

Kansas-- Kansas is an Electronic Title State. When coming to register and title a vehicle in Illinois that was most recently titled in Kansas, a paper title will need to be requested and obtained from the state of Kansas.

  • If there is a Lien Holder on your Kansas title, you will need their assistance in requesting the paper title from Kansas. You may contact us or Kansas Department of Revenue for more information on starting this process with the Lien Holder.

Question: Do you title Mobile Homes? 

Answer: Romano's does process applications for Mobile Home titles. For a recently purchased mobile home that you wish to title, you will need to bring the Tax Clearance Letter (with the imprinted seal, obtained from the court house of the county the mobile home is located in) to be submitted with your application for mobile home title.